Yet Another Scare

I got a phone call from my sister yesterday – she was in the emergency room with my brother.  He was complaining of numbness in his neck, severe chest/back pain and was coughing up small clots of blood.

Fortunately, it’s not his heart; my brother, despite being a smoker, is in pretty good shape.  He has pneumonia in one lung, a pulmonary bleb in the other (which apparently ruptured, hence the coughing up blood – he’s lucky his lung didn’t collapse), and pleurisy in both lungs.  They gave him prescriptions for pain medication and antibiotics and sent him home; my sister is taking care of him.

Hopefully nothing else will happen between now and next Tuesday, so we can enjoy our week together when she flies up here for the Thanksgiving holiday.

On a more pleasant note, Dixie is recovering very well and has returned to her former rambunctious self.  She’s also wagging her tail freely, so the vet says it’s healing properly.  Thank goodness something is going well.

On an even more interesting note, my husband booked the cruise for next February even though I hadn’t given him an answer as to whether I wanted to go.  I did make him buy insurance so we’d get the money back in case something happened and we couldn’t go.

2016…the year that seems like it will NEVER end.


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